Dance Competition Booklets

Northampton Folk Dance Club have been holding a Members Dance Writing Competition since 1989 in memory of a past member Connnie Walding. The winner is judged by the club members on a special night held once a year, usually in November.
Most of the Booklets are formatted to print on A5 Paper and if your printer supports duplex mode and booklet format you may be able to  print in A4 in booklet format. Others are in A4 Landscape and will not print in booklet format.

If anyone has a copy of a book from a year that not on the list, then please get in touch with the Club via the Contact Us page.

2018 Winner : Sue Rees
2017 Winner : Alan White
2016 Winner : Jeannie Byron
2015 Winner : Gwynneth Moore
2014 Winner : Sue Rees
2013 Joint Winners : Paul Rees and Alan White
2012 Winner : Gwynneth Moore
2011 Winner : Jim Marriott
2010 Joint Winners : Eric Ayres and Ken Judd
2009 : Missing
2008 Winner : Ian Whitehead
2007 Winner : Jim Marriott
2006 Winner : Jo Walker
2005 Winner : Gwynneth Moore
1993 – 2004 : Missing
1992 Winner : Bill Walding
1991 Winner  : John Harris : Courtesy Richard Field
1990 Winner  : Peter Frost : Courtesy Richard Field
1989 Joint Winners  : Don Flower and Alan Finch : Courtesy Richard Field